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Every person and family should have some type of emergency go bag just in case you need to leave in a hurry, which is in most cases when some type of natural disaster happens. The bag should be easy to carry, like a backpack or even a small suitcase (make sure it has a handle and wheels). Not one single bag should be the same from person to person or family to family. Everyone's needs are different but make sure you have some of the following important things in your bag:

• Bottled water and nonperishable food
• Copies of your important documents in a zip lock bag (insurance cards, photo IDs, birth certificates, a utility bill (to prove your home is your home), and even your social security card
• Money (small bills and quarters) - experts suggest to have at least $200
• Flashlight - preferably an LED flashlight because they use less energy and will ultimately last longer with bulb life and you will not have to exchange batteries very often
• Extra batteries
• Cell phone charger
• Battery operated or hand crank radio
• First-aid Kit (can be a basic one)
• Notepad and pen
• Neighbors or family members names and phone numbers
• List of any medications you or a family member is taking with the dose and prescription
• Toiletries (you never know)

If you have children (little ones do not know what is going on and if you can keep them occupied while in an emergency it will only help them):

• Games
• Small toys
• Stuffed animal or blanket

Emergency go bags can be very basic or they can be very complicated, it all depends on how prepared you want to be and how much you want to spend to be prepared.